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Member Login & Registration Instructions

1. Click Register Now

2. Complete the registration form for NEP Connect. (This is NEP Law Enforcement Services member's platform. You will need to register with NEP Connect before you can request access to your organization.

Registration Form Image
Successful Registration Image

3. You will receive a text message with a 6 digit code, enter the code you received into NEP Connect.

4. Now you have your account with NEP Connect.

Register for your Organization

Now that you are registered with NEP Connect you will see the Dashboard, it will be empty like this.

Dashboard Example Image

1. In the box that says "Search For Other Organization" type Long Beach POA.

2. Once you type that in, click on the yellow button that says "Find".

3. Long Beach POA will show up below the search bar, click on the button titled "Request Access".

4. The last step is to confirm your information and add your phone number, then hit the "Request Access" button. *You may want to click on the box to opt-in to recieve text messages so you can stay up to date with any lodge info.

5. Your website admin will then review your request and provide access.