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Over the last two years, a small group of elected officials in Sacramento have proposed dangerous legislation that was specifically intended to send law enforcement officers to prison following an officer involved shooting (OIS).  In 1989, the US Supreme Court, in Graham vs Connor,  establ...
The most important legislation in Sacramento right now is Assembly Bill 392 (AB-392) and Senate Bill 230 (SB-230).  Law enforcement is strongly against AB-392 and strongly supportive of SB-230.  As a result, law enforcement has established a network called "Protect California" to help prov...
CLICK HERE TO PRINT AND SIGN SUPPORT LETTER (corrected version)We have another inmate coming up for parole in March 2019.  We are once again asking for your help in signing this letter in opposition to this early release and returning it to the POA Office no later than March 6, 2019.On June 21,...

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