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The Honorary Members of the Long Beach Police Officers Association, or "The Honoraries" are a special group of citizens who work hard for the betterment of law enforcement.

The "honorary" concept originated in 1966, when an amendment to the LBPOA Bylaws was passed, establishing Honorary members in order to encourage leading citizens to become involved with law enforcement and the community. 

The purpose of the Honoraries is to actively support law enforcement generally and Long Beach police officers, specifically. 

To this end, they are involved in numerous fund raisers and other functions throughout the year that benefit various charities. Through contributions of time and money, Honoraries play a very important role in many worthy projects, which benefit both the law enforcement officers and the community of Long Beach. 

The Honoraries are the founders and sustaining body of the Long Beach Police Officers Memorial, Widows Emergency and Scholarship Trust Fund. The "Widows and Orphans Fund" has provided emergency financial assistance to the families of police officers. 

Each year the Honorary Members of the Long Beach Police Officers Association present the "Police Excellence Award." This award is bestowed upon a Long Beach Police Officer who has made outstanding achievements throughout the preceding year. The names are requested through the Office of the Chief of Police. Names of the officers are then forwarded to the Honorary Executive Committee for selection. 

Additionally, the Honoraries are proud to give the annual "Richard A. Rose Career Achievement Award" to a Long Beach Police Officer who has demonstrated outstanding dedication to service of the Long Beach community over a minimum of 20 years. 

Where does the money for all this support come from? Well, primarily from yearly dues from the Honorary members. Keep reading to find out how to join this wonderful organization. 

What about the organization? The Honoraries are officially a committee of the LBPOA. They are governed by an executive committee, and a new chairman is appointed each year by the POA President with the confirmation of the POA Board of Directors. 

Honorary membership is open only to law-abiding citizens of good moral character who, by their actions, display respect for the law and support of law enforcement. To become a member, a person must be sponsored by an existing Honorary member or by an active or retired Long Beach Police Officer. Honorary membership is then subject to approval by the POA and Honorary Boards. 

In essence, one does not become an Honorary for what it can do for that person, but to support his local police in trying to make our city a better and safer place to live. 

For further information about qualifying as an Honorary, please contact the POA office at:

2865 Temple Avenue
Long Beach, California 90755
(562) 426-1201