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Title Name
Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey Lena Gonzalez - Senate District.jpg
Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors District 2 Herb Wesson Herb Wesson
Long Beach City Council District 2 Cindy Allen Cindy Allen
Long Beach City Council District 4 Daryl Supernaw Daryl Supernaw District 4
Long Beach City Council District 6 Dee Andrews Dee Andrews
Long Beach City Council District 8 Al Austin Al Austin Long Beach City Council District 8 119x179 1
Long Beach Unified School District Board District 4 Doug Otto Al Doug Otto LBUSDBD 4


Bill Number Title Position
SB-23 Unlawful entry of a vehicle Support
SB-58 Hours of Alcohol Sale Extended to 4:00 am Watch
SB-94 Public Safety: Omnibus Watch
SB-144 Eliminate Criminal Administrative Fees Watch
SB-145 Sex Offenders: relief from registration Watch
SB-192 Removal of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1912 Watch
SB-221 Agency Firearm Accounting Watch
SB-230 Law Enforcement: Use of deadly force, training, policies Support
SB-233 Immunity from Arrest Watch
SB-266 PERS: Disallowed Compensation Watch
SB-399 Commission on POST Watch
SB-416 Workers' Compensation Support
SB-438 Emergency Medical Services - Dispatch Watch
SB-439 Criminal Procedure: wiretapping: Authorization and disclosure Watch
SB-459 Rape Support
SB-542 Workers' Compensation Support
SB-545 Driving Under the Influence: ignition interlock devices Support
SB-555 Jails and Juvenile Facilities: Communication, info, commissary services Oppose
SB-560 Mobile Notifications: deenergizing of electrical lines Watch
SB-620 Referral of Persons on Supervised Release Watch
SB-610 Contractors: Licensing and regulation Oppose
SB-622 Civil Detention Facilities Watch
AB-12 Gun Violence Restraining Orders Watch
AB-54 Peace Officers: Video and Audio Recordings Watch
AB-94 Omnibus Watch
AB-135 Sex Crimes: Communication with a Minor Support
AB-165 Required POST Training on gun violence restraining orders Support
AB-227 Crimes: Restitution, Ability to Pay Watch
AB-243 Implicit Bias Training Watch
AB-301 Hate Crime Data Collection and Outreach Watch
AB-332 Peace Officers: Training - Up to 3 remediations Support
AB-339 Gun Violence Restraining Orders Watch
AB-340 Disarming Prohibited Persons Taskforce Oppose
AB-346 Workers' Compensation Support
AB-358 Sexual Assault Forensic Exam Kit Database Watch
AB-392 Peace officers: Use of deadly force Neutral
AB-397 DUI Statistics Watch
AB-401 Vehicles: Driving Under the Influence Watch
AB-425 Ammunition Sales Support
AB-484 Probation: 180 days jail permissive not required Watch
AB-516 Authority to Remove Vehicles Watch
AB-551 Fatal vehicular accidents: chemical test results Oppose
AB-580 Commutations of Sentence Watch
AB-664 County Employees Retirement: Permanent Incapacity Watch
AB-680 Public safety dispatchers: mental health training Support
AB-803 Peace Officer Peer Support Labor Management Committee Watch
AB-855 DOJ Law Enforcement Policies on use of Deadly Force Watch
AB-868 Wildfire Mitigation Plans Watch
AB-928 Child Sexual Exploitation: Administrative Subpoenas Watch
AB-941 Public Records: Disclosure of Information Watch
AB-1029 Domestic Violence Watch
AB-1052 Peace Officer Training: Hate Crimes Watch
AB-1069 BWC Recordings Watch
AB-1071 Evidence-Based Policing Pilot Program Watch
AB-1117 Peer Support Support
AB-1170 Peace Officer Training: Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Watch
AB-1182 Post-Release Supervision of Offenders Watch
AB-1280 Crimes: Deceptive Recordings Watch
AB-1292 Firearms Watch
AB-1435 The Office of Law Enforcement Support: Investigations Oppose
AB-1476 Theft: Punishment Watch
AB-1501 Forensic Ballistic and Firearms Procedures Watch
AB-1555 Police Radio Communication Encryption Watch
AB-1599 Peace Officers: release of records Oppose
AB-1600 Discovery: Personnel Records: Peace Officers Oppose
AB-1681 Collective Bargaining Unit Determinations Watch
AB-1713 Lower DUI limit from .08 to .05 Watch
AB-1737 Prison and Jails: Assault on Staff Watch
AB-1794 Unsafe Handguns: exemptions Support
ACA-12 Death Penalty Oppose
ACR-117 Gang Awareness and Prevention Month Watch
SCR-25 Peace Officers' Memorial Day Support
SCR-38 Capital Punishment Support
SCR-72 First Responder Day Support



PURPOSE – In order to ensure the safety and security of our members, the Long Beach Police Officers Association (LBPOA) shall participate in the elective process through political endorsements.  Endorsements are intended to enhance the viability of the LBPOA, the LBPD, and the City of Long Beach as a whole.  Endorsements made by the LBPOA are on behalf of the organization, and they are only recommendations.  Every individual association member has the right to vote for the candidate or cause of his/her own choosing.

GENERAL POLICY – All qualified candidates and the organizing committees for the appropriate ballot measures/referendums shall be eligible to seek the LBPOA endorsement.  Candidates may be invited to an interview with the LBPOA Political Action Committee (PAC) in order for the candidate to articulate his/her position on items of interest to the membership and importance to the City of Long Beach.  Directors will also be able to clarify the qualifications of each candidate.  Interviews will normally be video recorded and the recordings are subject to the control of the LBPOA.  The LBPOA Political Action Committee will make all final endorsement decisions, and their actions can include:

  • An endorsement of one candidate or cause;
  • Dual endorsements;
  • No endorsement; or
  • A listing of candidates who collectively support issues important to the LBPOA membership.

The LBPOA President or his/her selected designee will contact the candidate who obtains the LBPOA endorsement.  Endorsements will be made public utilizing the LBPOA website and/or a written statement on LBPOA letterhead.  The written statement may be reprinted and published by the candidate or his/her political committee.  The text of the statement should be prepared and approved by the LBPOA President.

The LBPOA reserves the right to rescind its endorsement of any candidate or cause should circumstances arise whereby the previously given endorsement would prove detrimental to the membership or the community.  In the event that an endorsement is rescinded, the LBPOA President will notify the effected candidate or organizing committee in writing.

CRITERIA FOR ENDORSEMENT – The following criteria may be used in determining whether a candidate will receive an LBPOA endorsement:

  • Character and personal integrity
  • Government leadership positions and committee assignments
  • Bill sponsorship and past support for legislation
  • Ability to conduct a viable campaign
  • Work experience and community involvement
  • General knowledge of public safety and officer safety issues
  • Position on current law enforcement and labor issues
  • Opinions of other public safety groups
  • Completed questionnaire provided by the LBPOA (if applicable)
  • Personal interview conducted by the LBPOA